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Never | The Green


Soja front man Jacob Hemphil performs with the band during a taping of  ’StudioA.’

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Wade In Your Water | Common Kings

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Ways and Means | The Green

Artist: The Green
Track: Love I
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Love I - The Green

Regret missing out on seeing these guys >.< 

I shall be buying my ticket to see Rebelution & The Green in a few days.

I’m getting excited just thinking about it! I finally get to see these amazing bands(:

Artist: Expendables
Track: Sacrifice
Album: No Time To Worry
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Sacrifice, The Expendables

Artist: SOJA
Track: Track 05
Album: Peace in A Time Of War
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SOJA - Rasta Courage

”I don’t defend white, and I don’t defend black.
 I defend truth and rights and all of that”

Artist: Rebelution
Track: Heart Like A Lion
Album: Courage To Grow
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Rebelution- Heart Like a Lion

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Come In | The Green Ft. Jacob Hemphill