Don’t be afraid of the dark? Are you kidding me? Of course you should be afraid of the dark. You know what’s out there.

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Bela directs Gordon Walker to Sam so he can kill him. No one messes with Sammy on Dean’s watch. 

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What do I do to get my mind off of things?

Too late to play the guitar so Supernatural it is!

I love when I get someone into Supernatural:D

Now if only they lived closer -________- haha

I could watch every episode of Supernatural multiple times and never get bored.

Either I’m that obsessed or it’s just that good. I’ll go with it’s just that good. 

Castiel is back!!!!!

When he saved Sam

But my happiness for his return came to a sudden stop when he was the one stuck in there -_-

Aha, I pretty much love these two, especially Jensen :D

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Guess what!!

Dean Winchester: When Only the Best Will Do.

Season 2 Blooper
Jared: Every time you mess up, I have to stand up and sit back down.
Jensen: Oh, I'm so sorry!
Jared: My legs are tired.
Jensen: I'm so sorry. Do you want to play with the guns and have a thousand props to do while you say your lines?

I would be watching bloopers from Supernatural instead of studying aha. 

I just can’t get enough aha :P