Couldn’t sleep at all because I kept tossing & turning. Not to mention coughing up a storm. All I want is some damn good green tea & to stay in bed all day. Might take some DayQuil & just knock out for most of the day. That or just lay here watching old MMA fights or something. Someone kill me right now! Please & thank you.

My immune system hates me and it’s really hot.

I was better for a few days until I woke up Thursday sick again. (-_-) It’s like my immune system just likes to mess with me making me think I’m all good, and then smacks me in the face. Missed out on plans too but after finding out who was also at this event, let’s just say I’m glad I missed out. Only time I’ll be thankful for being sick haha. 

Being sick in this weather is the worst though. 

I can’t stand guys who complain or trip out over the smallest things.

It’s bad enough when a chick does it, so when a guy does it, I wanna sock them >.<
Do not call me at 8am expecting me to answer especially since I’m sick and won’t be awake. Then you want to bitch at me for ignoring your call/text. Just no, shut up. 

Went through a horrible night.

WTH is wrong with me!? 

I’m in pain, I’ve had NO sleep, I’m coughing like crazy still, and my whole body hates me right now. I rarely complain about shit, so just let me be for once! And if anyone crosses the line or anything and tries to be funny and pisses me off, all I know is that hell is going to break loose!

Unless you’re someone I really like, and we’re past that point where you can joke around with me even if i’m not in the mood, then we’re all good.